The Wall theme features a new content display system with amazing visual effects.

The Wall display is ideal for Portfolio display, gallery display, visual blog display as well as video display.

The Wall component is highly configurable making the options for its application and implementation limited only by one’s imagination.

The Wall Display

  • Multi-category support.
  • It is dynamically filterable based on the categories.
  • Complete control over the aspect ratio and size of the thumbnails.
  • Supports all sort of image orientations like portrait, landscape or panoramic.
  • Complete browsing and viewing control using mouse dragging and the mouse wheel.
  • Totaly jQuery and JavaScript based.

Other Features of the Wall theme in a brief glance

  • SEO Ready
  • Blog pages unlimited – Multicategory and Filterable
  • Wall display pages unlimited – Multicategory and Filterable
  • Contact page with ReCAPTCHA and Google Map
  • Sidebars unlimited – can have double sidebars on a page
  • Featured Post Video / Audio (supports Vimeo, Youtube and all JWPlayer based remote and self hosted formats listed here)
  • Skins – unlimited color and background image options
  • Custom CSS class support for widgets
  • Fonts 800 plus styles – Support Cyrillic, Greek, Khmer, Vietnamese
  • Sitemap, with extra parameters to control the display of information.
  • Internationalized, provided with POT file for tranlations

Settings Presets saving and loading

  • Advance features of the Wall theme is the ability to save and load settings presets.
  • Store multiple Presets.
  • Apply different skin presets to different pages of the same website. (as demonstrated in the skins section of the demo website)

Highly Detailed Documentation

The Wall theme comes with a highly detailed documentation explaining almost each and every aspect of the theme. The documentation is available for download at the downloads section of Themeshigh.com

You are welcome to download the documentation to have a complete idea of the Features and functionality supported by the theme. Please follow the link above.

What is included

  • Highly detailed documentation
  • Lifetime Subscription to the dedicated theme support forum.
  • Demo content setup in easy steps.
  • Settings presets for the 3 featured skins on the “demo site” i.e., White skin, Black skin, Orange skin.